Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does it seem like I am always having to take the long way around?”


This is a question that I have asked myself many times. I discovered that there are times in our lives, when traveling the “traditional” or “conventional” route is not always the way to go. While trotting the conventional pathway may make the destination easier to reach, the roundabout way has its benefits too. The Roundabout way helps us avoid situations that could potentially hinder us from encountering certain life lessons.


The Roundabout Way can be a thrilling roller coaster ride with several twists and turns. We can be up one minute, down the next. We can be happy one minute and sad the next. The reality is that with every second, we can experience a sudden shift in our life’s circumstances. On a roller coaster ride, we anticipate drops and turns, but we don’t always know what is coming around the corner. This is how God ensures that we achieve our full potential.


At this point in my life in ministry, I am approached by people who are eager to lead others in ministry or become pastors. They get frustrated when they feel like their opportunity has not come. I am not always sure if they realize what they are asking for – leadership is a roller coaster ride that requires a lot more from them than they imagine.

Dr. Patrick J. Bryant is a husband, father, Pastor, and community servant.  He has experienced the roller coaster ride of ministry with ups, downs, twists, and turns. In his walk with God and His ministry, Dr. Bryant needed to learn how to prioritize personal revival time with God to have a Realization, accept an Invitation, gain Determination, and experience Elevation. When he experienced the feelings of depletion and discouragement in ministry, he was forced to change the way he approached ministry and how he experienced life. 

This book is written for pastors who are leading while hurting. It celebrates the highs of ministry and talks about lows. With great expectation, the author calls ministry leaders to hold on to their faith, get back in line for the RIDE and complete their God-given assignment.  




. . . nuggets of inspiration to encourage you, inspire you, and keep you going through the valleys and mountain top experiences of life.
~Dr. Cynthia Walters
Executive Director of Ministries Zion Baptist Church, Columbia, SC
Director, Diversity, and Inclusion Prisma Health,

Columbia, SC

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